Specialists in Foam & Composites' Applications.

PUF is versatile enough to be used very effectively, to save lives and bring succor to the disrupted homeless when natural calamities strike.

Tsunamis brings to fore some of PUFs outstanding features ... lightweight, exceptional bouyancy factor, excellent insulation properties,compatibility with various resin systems to give structurally stable advanced structural composites (ASCs) ... to make it the material of choice for pre-fab dwelling structures, rescue rafts. These are easily transportable and rapidly deployable - where they can make a difference to basic quality-of-life!

We offer two excellent uses that can be immediately deployed in disaster relief and SOS situations:

Delta-Click Domes -

SOS Shelters (According to UN norms)

Pre fabricated, Pre-engineered, Multi utility domes.

So far, rehousing dislocated families were addressed by erecting tents, and the like. Alternatively, the method of quickly erecting modular, all weather structures of Advanced Composites, is phenomenally cost beneficial in the long term.

Delta-Unsinkable Rafts-

SOS Rescue

Unsinkable, hi buoyancy, lightweight, wear resistant flat packed (no rudder) structures for rescue and emergency use, especially in shallow water considerations. Quick to deploy, Large numbers can be mobilised at short notice.

We are Innovators at heart.

From the company's early supplies of insulation products to the Indian Antartica expedition in 1988 its strength has been reflected in the customised solutions spanning the auto industry, cold storage and fishing industry, chemical & process industries, building and industrial insulation requirements, pharma, healthcare, poultry sectors, vaccine producers, dairy, ice-cream & brewery industry, defence and space agencies, irrigation projects, etc.

DELTA FOAMS footprint in the global marketplace may be negligible, but our foothold in applying PUF technology along with Advanced Composites know-how for customer satisfaction in varied fields, is deep-rooted!

The company has developed and successfully innovated and manufactured several unique products, that are energy saving, cut power consumption, conserve water and wood resources, all by using environment friendly materials and production processes.

DELTA FOAMS has full fledged capabilities in Rigid & Flexible Polyurethane foam manufacturing systems with capabilities to Spray, Pour, High pressure Inject, as well as Coatings, using some of the best equipment in the field.

Besides it also has the capacities to mold Glass Fibre components in house.

DELTA FOAMS can thus offer total design assistance, and quality control throughout the product conceptualization, prototype design, development, and scaling up to full fledged manufacturing operations, totally in house. In turn, you get the best of products under one roof with total control on quality, and manufacturing processes.

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NGOs and persons / institutions working with disaster relief and rehabilitation can contact us for technical specifications and other details of our SOS products.